" Keep warm. Keep dry " - these are key elements whenever trauma or severe weather occurs and where there is danger of systemic hypothermia in the patient.
The Space Poncho will not only ensure that this protection is afforded, but also allows for movement and flexibility as opposed to a blanket. Having a built in hood means that protection is also offered to the head and neck.

The thermal emergency space poncho is intended for use in shock trauma situations as well as exposure to cold weather conditions. Some motor manufacturers and suppliers of emergency vehicle medical kits are now including the thermal poncho to replace the thermal rescue space blanket.

Emergency Survival Space Poncho

This could save your life.
Don’t be caught with out one.

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A fitted garment covering the torso and
importantly the head and neck.
Recommended for use by emergency services and for those engaged in recreational outdoor activities, such as hiking, mountaineering, skiing, fishing ect.


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