Product Features and Benefits

    • Low Weight. At 60 grams and a packed size of 10 x 8 cms it is very portable even in large quantities.

    • Heat insulation. Made from fabrics designed by NASA for use in the extreme conditions in space. It is a very efficient insulator designed to keep the body at its optimum temperature.

    • Mobility. As it is worn as an outer garment, patients who are mobile can move about or be transported easily and comfortably.

    •  Water Resistant. In addition to the heat insulation properties, it will keep the patient completely dry.

    • Low Cost. By keeping our costs to a minimum we are able to offer a product at a very affordable price.

    • High visibility. With its high sheen it is very visible in
      most weather conditions.

    • Made in S.A. The Original Space Poncho is made in South Africa, thereby offering consistent quality and making supply more reliable and efficient.


Emergency Survival Space Blanket-Poncho

This could save your life.
Don’t be caught with out one.

Contact Details:
Tel: +27(0) 83 66 12345

A fitted garment covering the torso and
importantly the head and neck.
Recommended for use by emergency services and for those engaged in recreational outdoor activities, such as hiking, mountaineering, skiing, fishing ect.


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